About Us

Mamma and Me is an independently owned company, founded in November 2011 by Julie Buckland, mother of Chloe and Demi. Like most successful ideas, it was inspired by a relatively simple concept: in this case, how to source a cashmere poncho similar to her own, for her daughters? On reflection, it became clear that there was no retailer which creates luxury, tasteful products for both parent and child alike; and which meets the needs of children often wanting to emulate their parent's style, or parents wanting to dress their children in a similar trend.


And so Mamma & Me was born......

Our company aims to create high quality, chic and understated pieces, which strengthen the unique mother-daughter bond, and cater for the finer tastes. With products made from the best materials, using artisan techniques where possible, we focus on unrivaled, exclusive design, underpinned by discerning simplicity. We produce a handful of designs in clothing, jewellery and accessories and aim to deliver first class customer service.

We trust you will enjoy our timeless pieces - a must have for any wardrobe, an ideal gift or luxury treat.

With Love

Julie x

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